Lighting plays an important role in our daily lives and outdoor adventures, providing safety, visibility, and comfort in various settings. From navigating the dark corners of your home during a power outage to illuminating a campsite deep in the woods, the right lighting tool can make all the difference. 


Introducing Olight, a brand renowned for its premium flashlights and lighting solutions. Olight offers an extensive range of products, including EDC lights, headlamps, camping lights, and various accessories tailored for different needs. Dedicated to exceeding expectations, the brand focuses on creating innovative illumination tools that improve daily tasks and support outdoor explorations.

Outdoor Lights by Olight

When it comes to outdoor lighting, especially for activities like camping, hiking, and general exploration, having the right kind of light source is crucial for safety and efficiency. Olight recognizes this need and offers a comprehensive range of lighting solutions designed specifically for the great outdoors. These products are tailored to meet the demands of the outdoors, making them an indispensable tool for any adventure.

Following are the top 4 outdoor lights by Olight:

Swivel Pro Max Rotatable & Foldable Work Light

The Swivel Pro Max is designed for a range of professional and DIY projects. This advanced work light combines a bright, broad beam with a highly adaptable mounting system. It is your go-to tool for efficient lighting in any environment. 


  • Delivers up to 1,600 lumens, ensuring your work area is well-lit.

  • Equipped with a 10400mAh battery, offering up to 120 hours of light on the energy-saving low mode.

  • Acts as a power bank with 18W fast charging to quickly power up your devices.

  • Features a 150° rotatable stand and a 180° vertical adjustment clip for precise lighting angles.

  • Built with a sturdy ABS body and an IPX4 rating to withstand harsh conditions.

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To enhance your workspace with robust and reliable lighting, purchase the Swivel Pro Max work light for just $89.99.

Marauder 2 Powerful Flashlight

The Marauder 2 is a powerhouse of illumination, engineered for both wide-reaching floodlight and focused spotlight functionality. This flashlight redefines brightness with a staggering 14,000-lumen flood beam and an 800-meter throw capability. It is an essential tool for any serious outdoor enthusiast or professional in need of extreme, reliable light.


  • Switch between a 14,000-lumen flood beam and an 800-meter throw spotlight for versatile lighting.

  • Includes thermal and proximity sensors, along with cooling fins to prevent overheating and ensure safe operation.

  • Features a toggle switch for beam selection and a rotary knob for adjusting among 7 brightness levels.

  • Offers 30W USB charging and reverse charging, capable of fully recharging in just 2.5 hours and powering other devices.

  • Built to handle tough conditions with ease, ensuring durability and reliability no matter where you are.Buy Now


For exceptional brightness and cutting-edge technology in one handheld device, purchase the Marauder 2 powerful flashlight for $329.95.

Olantern Classic 2 Pro Rechargeable Camping Lantern

It combines vintage charm with modern functionality, making it an excellent companion for both outdoor adventures and home use. This lantern not only illuminates your surroundings with a soft, warm glow but also doubles as a power bank to keep your devices charged in emergencies. 


  • Enjoy up to 7.5 days of light on a single charge with easy recharging via USB-C.

  • Offers two warm light settings (orange and white) with stepless dimming from 10 to 300 lumens, allowing you to adjust the ambiance to your liking.

  • Acts as an 18W power bank for charging mobile phones and other small electronics.

  • Features a sturdy base and a handle for easy carrying or hanging, all housed in an all-metal, IPX5-rated water-resistant body.

  • Brings a touch of nostalgia and elegance with its classic look, ideal for decoration or practical use in any setting.

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For a blend of style and practicality, buy the Olantern Classic 2 Pro lantern for $99.99.

Swivel COB Work Light

It is a versatile and robust tool designed to cater to diverse lighting needs, whether you need expansive area illumination or a focused beam for detailed work. This dual-function light combines the floodlight with the precision of a flashlight, complemented by a design that ensures it`s always within easy reach, even in the dark.


  • Features a high-performance COB emitter for broad flood lighting with three light modes, and a high-performance LED for two levels of focused beams.

  • Equipped with three powerful magnets to securely attach to any iron surface, enhancing stability and hands-free use.

  • Includes a clip-style hook for easy transportation and versatile placement on backpacks, branches, or inside tents.

  • Outfitted with a glow-in-the-dark strip around the panel to easily locate the light in low-light conditions.

  • Built to withstand the demands of both indoor and outdoor use, making it a reliable choice for various environments.Buy Now


Purchase the Swivel COB Work Light for only $34.95 to ensure reliable and flexible lighting wherever you need it.


Olight`s diverse outdoor lighting solutions bring unparalleled functionality and reliability to your outdoor adventures. Each light is designed with specific outdoor needs in mind, ensuring you have the right tools to overcome darkness.


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