People book poolside spots for relaxation, fun, and a vacation vibe. It offers opportunities for swimming, sunbathing, and different activities. It's also popular for special occasions like birthdays or weddings, adding a touch of luxury to the event.


Swimply lets people across the country share their pool with their neighbors. If you want to swim, you can search for pools and rent them by the hour on Swimply. You can book the pool on the website. All payments are safe and done through Swimply's system, using credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. Prices begin at $65 per hour in New York, but it might change depending on the pool size, number of people, and any extra stuff you want.


Here are the best pool places you can find in New York by Swimply:


Five Towns Woodmere, NY Heated Pool 

Come experience a country club vibe right in the heart of the Five Towns, Long Island. This place is like a private oasis, with lush landscaping and a heated pool. You'll also find a cozy six-person hot tub, a gas fire pit for evening gatherings, and an awesome water slide for some extra fun. You can bring up to 20 friends of all ages, but no pets are allowed. This poolside also has a private restroom inside the main house just for you. Parking is available for up to four cars. The pool contains saltwater, measuring 18 feet by 36 feet, with depths ranging from 3 to 6 feet. It's all outdoors, so get ready for some sunny fun.


The benefits of booking this poolside:


  • Enjoy night lighting and great sunlight in a shaded area.

  • Relax on the tanning edge or in the hot tub with a waterfall.

  • Play games with the pool hoop.

  • Perfect for parties, family gatherings, photo shoots, celebrations, and corporate events.

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To rent the pool with the club vibe book now Five Towns Woodmere, NY Heated Pool charges per hour $99.


Huge Heated 30x30 Kid-Friendly Pool

This pool spans 30 by 30 feet, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and excitement. Kids can enjoy the shallow 3-foot section, while adults can dive into the deeper 5-foot area. With large padded steps and heated water at 90 degrees, it's accessible and comfortable for everyone. The slide, basketball hoop, sandbox, and pool toys guarantee endless entertainment. Hosting up to 30 guests, with parking for five cars, this saltwater oasis promises a refreshing swim experience.


The benefits of booking this poolside:


  • Ultimate privacy with 6-foot fences fully enclosing the pool.

  • Enjoy a night swimming with fantastic lighting.

  • Bask in great sunlight during the day.

  • Hang out in the shallow area for relaxation.

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To rent a big poolside book now Huge Heated 30x30 Kid-Friendly Pool charges per hour 



Indoor Pool, Spa & Party Space

Imagine a cozy indoor pool surrounded by glass, offering breathtaking views. Step outside onto the patio and backyard for more fun. The water is kept warm at a toasty 85 degrees, with an optional hot tub cranked up to 100 degrees. There's a private bathroom with a shower nearby. There are six comfy lounge chairs by the poolside and can be added more by setting tables and chairs for everyone. You can invite up to 30 guests of any age, but you can’t bring your pets. Parking is available for up to ten cars. Dive into the 16 by 40-foot pool, ranging from 3 to 8 feet deep, filled with refreshing chlorine. 


The benefits of booking this poolside:


  • Enjoy night lighting and great sunlight in a shaded area.

  • Relax in the hot tub.

  • Take it easy in the shallow area.

  • Bask in the comfortable ambiance.

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To rent the pool with amazing views book now Indoor Pool, Spa & Party Space charges per hour $70. 


In New York, Swimply offers a variety of pools for every occasion. From family gatherings to birthday parties, their pools provide fun and relaxation. With features like water slides, hot tubs, and lavish sunlight. Book your perfect pool today and make unforgettable memories with Swimply.


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