Squish is plush toys that are here to fill your heart with love affection. Kids have enjoyed these cute toys but this is not only for kids they are made for adults also and entertain all with their cuteness. 

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The versatility of squish mellows has grown into an international phenomenon and another comfort. Since 2017, More than 1000 squish mellows characters to collect; young fans can aspire to be like their favorite characters.  Each squish has its unique name and storyline to add to the fun.

They use to entertain our kids, especially those who love the animated items and love to grab the animals all time so squish mellow is one of the best things for kids because it also gives comfort to kids and the younger’s enjoy playing with these cute squish mellows.. 

Now let’s learn about squish mellows stories and more interesting things to learn about how many characters that have to buy?

What exactly squishes mellow is it?

Kellytoy created the line of lovable friends from super soft, Marshmallow like texture and polyester. This is the best thing is that t is washable. The machine-washable toy comes in a variety of sizes, starting from 3.5 inches clip-on to an extra-large size is 24 inches. 


Marshmallow comes in 3.5 inches (this is for keychain), 5 inches onwards 24 inches, and 13 inches will be discontinued soon. These are available in different sizes and styles with so many adorable themes you can also customize them as per your theme choices. 

How many rare squishes mellow Kellytoy 2022?

There are 8 rare Squishes Mellows Kellytoy 2022. And these all our recent using popular themes that kids like to play with them and enjoy. There is a lot of Disney character  

disney charachter.jpeg

Animals and animated cartoons Character, and its looks cute with a fluffy texture. Let us learn more about the Disney character cartoons and animals with their little cute stories..

Disney Squish mallows are finally here, they are part of an exclusive club. And the licensed character is taking the squish mellow craze to a new level. 

The Disney squad has started with seven characters

Mickey Mouse, Minnie mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Stitch, Nemo, Dumbo and Buzz light-year. 


Will they add more Disney characters to their list? We hope so. Because it’s the softest Disney collaboration to date. 

These all characters are liked by kids and in this year 2022 new character was included in the previous list. These 7 new characters are more beautiful and released in 2022. So hurry to buy these amazing squish mellows for your child and make their days more enjoy-full and adorable. You can also find your favorite size of squish mellow these are available in the sizes of 5 inches onwards 24 inches. Wow really? We can buy these as per our choice and need? 


Yes, you can, all sizes are available with the coolest colors of Disney cartoon characters. 


Kelly toy’s hit squish mellows have been manufactured by the thousands in over a thousand different characters. You can also hang your squishes on bags and anywhere you want. Because this is available in all the sizes so you can hang it and place it anywhere you want. If you want to see the collection and varieties of squishes so you can visit https://www.ebay.com here you easily find all the varieties of squish mellows and order your favorite squish at very low and affordable prices. Find a decent deal on this ultra-valuable of the squishy toy. And enjoy the softness of the squish mellows.